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WTF is the name of the new tech coworking space in Fort Lauderdale

It's not a question. WTF (White Table Foundation) is a new co-working space for technology entrepreneurs and creative professionals in Fort Lauderdale. Located at 1109 Las Olas, the new space includes a common office area and two private offices. Charges start at $200 per month or $15 per day. It shares space with the Tangled Spider Design Group firm.

The non-profit project was organized by Willie Morris, head of marketing firm Proper Brands and organizer of technology networking group Refresh Lauderdale.

"There's such a good community of tech and creative people in South Florida,'' Morris said. "Groups are working in coffee shops or working out of home. We want to give them a place where they can all come together."

The space will be shown off during a Refresh Lauderdale networking event Thursday Sept. 2 from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Information: whitetablefoundation.com.



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Jeff Azarian

Hey Bridget, cool space. I am in the Hollywood area and was going to check it out. Just a couple of things I was confused about that didn't add up...

I looked at the website for Proper Brands but couldn't find any info on it... Sunbiz.org has no records of any company registered as or DBA Proper Brands? Also, is the space an actual 501c3 or just in process of becoming one. It all seems sort of fly by night?


Good question Jeff, Proper is completely separate from WTF and a whole different story haha...WTF is brand new, as of 3 weeks ago, and has taken off so quickly that we haven't registered it yet. I'm actually just getting in from hosting Refresh Lauderdale there tonight - the positive response from the tech community has been overwhelming....stop by anytime you like...I'm usually in from 9 until at least 6:30...

Jeff Azarian

Hey Willie, Sounds great! You should probably get the 501c3 paperwork set in stone before the media starts promoting it as a Non-Profit - Huge legal issues could creep up on you.

I overheard some people in a small coffee shop downtown Ft. Lauderdale a few months back talking about several other co-work spaces opening in the area, are you familiar with the others? Maybe I have already seen you, LOL. So glad the community is supporting all this. I'll stop by for sure! I need somewhere to work when I am in FTL.


Hey Jeff,

Yeah you're exactly right, it's definitely near the top of our list on things to get done! Ha, that might have been me...in February I was trying to collaborate with some people to get a space going, but it fell to the wayside and this sprung up. I was a regular at Brew and Caffe Rustica during the days before we got this place set up so there is a good chance we could have crossed paths!


This looks really tiny?

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