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Addicted to Facebook? A few tips to stay focused at work.

One quick check of Facebook or Twitter, it’s easy to be lost for 15 minutes (or more) in a world of fascinating news, funny videos and the opinions and plans of people you don’t know well.

But those "quick checks" add up throughout the workday, turning into a compulsive behavior that takes a toll on productivity.

So at what point does one need to check into Facebook rehab? Ask yourself how much of your workday is being taken up by constantly checking the site. And how much value does it add to your day by constantly commenting to people you’re not close with?

You can check out my recent Poked column for a few tips and tools you can use to wean yourself away during work hours. (A couple of those tips I often have to follow myself! Writing about social media doesn't make it any easier to stay on task at work.) I also chatted about it with Dave Graveline for his "Into Tomorrow" radio show, which you can catch this weekend.


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