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Miami-made iPad app targets lawyers who want to cut costs

Trialpad With a few finger swipes, attorneys can cut out costly courtroom presentation consultants and show digital evidence themselves with a new iPad app created by a Miami joint venture.

Called TrialPad, the $89.99 app lets lawyers use their iPad to present PDF files and make changes on the fly, whether highlighting lines in a medical record for a jury or zooming in and circling part of an X-ray photo.

The one-time app price is vastly less than the typical cost of hiring a tech consultant at about $100-150 an hour to manage the choreography of electronic evidence before and during a trial.

The only objection: It's simple software, and not ideal for handling a complicated case with a heavy load of digital evidence. And an attorney would still need to hook it up to a projector if the courtroom isn't already equipped.

Though it has only been in the iTunes store for a few weeks, TrialPad is already among the top-grossing iPad business apps, hitting No. 12 last week.

There are three other lawyer-specific apps that rank in the top 100: iJuror ($9.99), JuryTracker ($9.99) and Jury Duty ($39.99), all tools for organizing who to pick for a jury.

Read more about the app and attorneys who have used it in the full story: New iPad app aids lawyers in courtroom presentations

[Photo by Al Diaz. At a Dade County courtroom, Blain Heckaman, left, and Ian O'Flaherty, display their TrialPad application.]



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