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Verizon's iPhone 4 announcement tomorrow

Iphone4verizon So Verizon's got some big news tomorrow -- it will be selling the iPhone 4.

The Verizon Twitter account has already begun sending tweets with an iPhone (which was later deleted), so there's no doubt about it -- especially after the Wall Street Journal confirmed the rumor. But the big questions won't be answered until the press event 11 a.m.

Will Verizon offer it with an unlimited data plan? The reports so far point to yes -- something that AT&T no longer offers.

Will it be sold the same price as AT&T's iPhone 4? Maybe not. AppleInsider reports the parts to run on Verizon's CDMA network cost more than AT&T's network, and that can drive up the price at least $20. But it's unlikely they would hike the price in order to compete with AT&T.

Will it look the same? There's speculation that Verizon will get the option to have the phone in white, since Apple delayed its white case release until Spring of 2011.

But the biggest question will be answered in time: How much will it take from AT&T's sales?

Do you expect to buy the Verizon iPhone 4? And if you're already an iPhone owner, what will it take for you to switch?


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Scott McPherson

Me, I'm getting in line now!


I would be more interested in knowing if it will be a 4G model


BTW Bridget, you're freaking HOT!


Now Verizon people will no longer have to unlock and jailbreak. Wait, scratch that it's always good to jailbreak.

Periquito Perez

I will wait for the iPhone 5...then tell AT&T I am no longer their slave...


iphone 5 will come...looking forward to seeing it!

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