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Get better Zzzs with the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach

Here's a quirky gadget that monitors your sleep cycles overnight and helps you become more conscientious of improving your sleep health. There are a few things I would like to see improved, but after using it for a couple weeks, it was fascinating. Read this week's full detailed review online: Zeo Personal Sleep Coach motivates you to sleep better

Since the review ran, I've been asked a few questions about the headband. The first night, wearing it was irritating and it took willpower to not rip it off. (But it came off anyways in the middle of that first night.) The next night, I adjusted how tight it was and looped it around my ponytail to give it more support, which seemed to make it more comfortable to wear. After day three, wearing it didn't bother me at all... although a few nights I did still knock it off my head.

Since these headbands wear out after 90 days of continuous use, I'd only use this once in a while to maintain and monitor sleep health. And you can request multiple accounts for one unit if you want to share with others.


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