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Florida Grand Opera billboard uses QR code [Plus guide to using QR Codes & Microsoft Tags]

Today the Miami area got its first billboard featuring a QR code. The Florida Grand Opera's code takes smartphone users to a website for buying tickets to the show. The ad is located on the corner of Biscayne Boulevard and NE 55 Street. (Photo by Carl Juste/Miami Herald Staff)


[Update - Personal note: Please people, use some common sense and don't scan this billboard while driving. Unfortunately, smartphone apps continue to give us more temptations to drive distracted. But the mystery of what's behind the code isn't worth a life! (It's a behind-the-scenes video and a link to buy tickets.) There is no safe way to scan this in the car on this road -- you would have to pull into a parking lot. Below is a Google StreetView map that shows you the area where the billboard is located.]

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So if you're dining at a nearby restaurant or walking in the area, you know what to do with the code? For today's Miami Herald, I wrote a quick digest of the new trend popping up in print advertisements and in stores, like Macy's, Lowe's, Best Buy, and the Gap, to name just a few. Although many techies have heard about QR codes for a few months now, most folks I come across still aren't sure of how to use this new breed of barcode that's popping up everywhere. Here's a quick how-to video for those of you unfamiliar with QR and Tags:


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