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BlackBerry PlayBook Review [with updates]

A few weeks back, you might have caught my review of the BlackBerry PlayBook:

But since that review, BlackBerry has made a few updates: It added a Video Chat application that works over a Wi-Fi Internet connection with other BlackBerry PlayBook users (didn't get a chance to test that, as I don't personally know anyone with a PlayBook). It's also added a pretty decent Facebook app. And the BlackBerry App World itself has gotten stronger, as it naturally would.

It also added a way to edit documents on a BlackBerry phone on the tablet, using the Blackberry Bridge Bluetooth connection. So you can use the tablet's large screen to edit something and save it right back on your phone.

If you're thinking about getting a PlayBook, it's going to be the kind of device that will get better in time, you'll just need a good deal of patience. For example, this summer Android apps will be featured on the PlayBook to give a serious boost to the app store offerings. (But, as you can see from the Android Player demo video, only one Android app can be open at a time.)

It's a shame they rush to release, leaving early adopters (and testers like me) with an incomplete experience. But I'm glad to see though that within a few weeks since the review they've added some more perks.  It's a powerful tablet with a great processor in a convenient size. Now if they would only launch a native email and calendar app that didn't require a BlackBerry Bridge connection... ah yes, that's also coming this summer.

I have a feeling this will be a much stronger competitor in the tablet market once these features are rolled out.


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Well I was looking for some information about Tablets and I shocked when I read that Blackberry Playbook Have Android Support and they also posted an image which shows that BB using Android Apps! I wonder if Playbook will have apps support from Android when it will release! Do you think it will be good for us if we have Android apps on RIM mobiles and Playbook then it will be great for us!

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