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AT&T U-verse adds self-help troubleshooting television app

If you hate calling your television provider when there's a service problem... well, I can't promise this will be much better: AT&T U-verse is giving customers the option to first try fixing problems themselves through a television app. Listed under "Help" in the AT&T U-verse TV menu, the Troubleshoot & Resolve app has a library of common questions and answers, as well as a self-diagnostic service check tool.

But if that doesn't help, users can use the app to request a call from a customer service representative.

In September, AT&T launched a similar self-service U-verse television application that lets customers change their monthly service subscription using the remote.

The Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach markets are the first to get the free self-help television app, which is rolling out over the next few weeks.


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I like the idea of an app that you can use to do your own troubleshooting. I figure this will be a great way to tackle smaller problems. I imagine that it would relieve some frustrations because people wouldn't have to call in over those small issues. I work in the TV industry for Dish Network and I like seeing when things like this come out. I could definitely see something like this getting used in more businesses in the future. I also like relaying information that I find to anyone who is looking to compare their TV provider to other companies or just learn some interesting facts about who you have service through. The site is called BestTVforMe.com and it compares pricing, customer service, and has some interesting information about some of the biggest TV providers in the US.

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