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Officials say hacker did not steal sensitive Florida voting database information

Florida elections officials said no sensitive information was exposed following a Saturday morning Twitter post by a hacker who claimed to access a Florida voting database.

The hacker, who writes under the Twitter name Abhaxas, posted lines of data and passwords said to be "inside details of Florida voting systems."

The information was from a poll worker training program within a Liberty County elections website, according to Marcia Wood, supervisor of elections for Liberty County, which is based out of the Panhandle city of Bristol.

"It has nothing to do with vital information at all," Wood said. "It's not confidential information. As far as the actual passwords they claim to have gotten, it was for poll workers to be able to log on to view training videos."

Florida Department of State spokesman Chris Cate said counties are taking steps to make sure information is secured, adding that law enforcement is investigating the training system breach. Cate said "no sensitive information was stolen."

Hacker Abhaxas posted the data with a personal note: "Now who still believes voting isn't rigged? If the United States Government can't even keep their ballot systems secure, why trust them at all? FAIL!"

Less than an hour after posting the data, Abhaxas wrote on Twitter: "By the way, these same servers have roughly 10,000 unencrypted credit cards as well #Fail"

Wood's response to the credit card comment: "I don't know what he's talking about."


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