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Review of Evo 3D (and a Miami company dabbles with 3D online)

HTC-EVO-3D-backblog So while reviewing the Evo 3D last week, I also happen to come across a Miami company that is on a mission to be a leader in 3D online videos: Net Element.

Net Element owns a number of web properties, including OpenFilm.com, a place for Spielbergs-in-training to upload their films. Some filmmakers have shown interest in uploading red-and-blue 3D movies, and that spurred the company to experiement in 3D video for its other websites, like Motorsport.com.

There are no 3D videos yet on Motorsport.com, but expect to see a few added this fall. They've already begun filming in 3D by putting the special cameras on cars during races.

Of course their success depends on more computers that can play 3D video. Consumer awareness of 3D continues to rise, thanks to the marketing push from 3D television-makers since last holiday season. But 3D TVs — which retail for three times as much as 2D sets — can't create the market alone. Analysts say what's more influential are the cheaper, glasses-free devices like the Nintendo 3DS and Sprint's Evo 3D smartphone.

You can read more about Net Element at MiamiHerald.com, and check out my video review of the Evo 3D below:


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The 3d style shows how high tech a gadget is. Nowadays, it's getting more and more popular.


The HTC evo 3d is truly an amazing phone but I prefer the HTC Evo 4G the only thing i don't like about the 4G is the battery drainage when out of 4G network


i hope they make an extended battery for the evo 3d. the phone might be less roadworthy without. i can go all day without charging my evo 4g with the extended battery, and i consider myself a heavy user.

r4 for the ds

Evo 3D is the new smartphone of the HTC. It is very cool and well feature smartphone to use. In the Evo 3D people can view the 3D movies and also view the 3D videos.

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