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The Casio G'zOne Commando is tough, but not invincible

When I get a phone that is marketed as waterproof and drop-proof, you know I'm gonna have fun putting it to the test.

So with the cameras rolling, I randomly tossed it in the pool and on concrete multiple times. When it went underwater in my first test, it was clear something was wrong. The screen was, well... freaking out. I had it on the main apps menu, but once it went into the pool, the camera automatically activated and started taking photos. And there were bubbles coming out of the phone. Odd.

But it appeared to worked fine when I dried it off! That is, until I got back into the office. Just watch the video:

So after my review ran this week, Casio offered me a second phone to test, saying I was the only person to report water damage. And I'm happy to give it another shot, since of course I could have gotten a dud. Or I could have loosened a seal during one of the water drops. (I only lightly dropped it on the first step of a pool. It's not like I was spiking it like a football.)

I will test the second phone, this time using some of those meticulous scientific method skills I picked up in my middle school science fair days. (I got a few first place ribbons in my time, so you know I mean business.) Stay tuned for those results. But in the meantime, keep in mind that although it can take a beating, it doesn't mean it is invincible... depending on how much of a klutz you are.


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♥ Angela ♥

Poor phone, dropped too many times on water and the ground, no wonder it got broken. Well, not everything marketed as invincible, will be invincible. I guess you we're too hard on the Casio G'zOne Commando.


water resistance isnt the same as water proof. That test was for water proofing. Resistane is for rain and minor amount of water contact.


Oh but slagor in one of their many commercials for this phone they show it strapped/taped to a surf board being submerged under water.


Well Bridget, I have not tried their phone but I am a suba diver and I found the Casio dive watch did the same thing to me, water in the face. I guess they bought a mess of bad seals, huh? Thank goodness I don't sell phones and watches. Our spy watches a good, so if you need one come to spycamsrus.com and try a spy watch but don't expect it to be water and shock resistant by throwing it against a pool wall.


I am thinking about getting the Casio G'zOne Commando. My brother has it and he loves it. But I agree with Salor above, water resistance isnt the same as water proof, so I would still be very careful. My Sprint Evole did ok after being wet, but I still felt the need to get another phone.


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