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The smart rabbit is back! Review of Karotz, the update to Nabaztag

Karotz is uber kute. I mean, who doesn't fall in love seeing a little bunny read the weather as its ears wiggle and tummy flashes? But there are still kinks being worked out by its creators, such as tools for communicating with other users. For my early hands-on review, I got an sneak peak with one of the early models. (Any new features like Karotz-to-Karotz messaging or smartphone-to-Karotz messaging will come in a software update this fall.)

In a previous life, Karotz was called Nabaztag (Armenian for rabbit) and did some similar tasks. But now we live in an age of smartphones and social media addiction, so he's got more ways to sucker us into loving him. Let's just hope programmers stay motivated to invent cook tasks and games for Karotz.


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