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Mailbag: Dead guys

From time to time, I'll answer reader mail here. At least until the first email asking, "Can God make a rock bigger than He can move?"

Dear Glenn,
Both Grey's Anatomy and Weeds had the same male actor who always dies. He played Denny in GA ,the love interest of the pretty blonde intern and he died in bed of a heart attack. In Weeds he was the father who died causing his wife to sell pot to support the family.
I love this actor with his big eyes and loving face. He is never named. I think he is very good and I wish the writers would let him live. Do you know his name? Also I thought Huff was so fabulous and I wish it was not canceled.  I don't think Showtime does a good marketing job. So many people never heard of Huff. If that show was on HBO it would have made it. Your thoughts please.
Thanks, Kathryn

Indeed I do know the identity of that dead-guy specialist. His name is Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He is practically the best dead-guy actor who has ever lived, so good that the producers of Supernatural, where he has a recurring role as the elusive dad of Sam and Dean Winchester, may be kiling him off too. He was in a big cliffhander car-crash at the end of last season, and I don't know if he survived. Hmm. Maybe all his various dead-guy characters will get guest slots on Ghost Whisperer.

I, too, loved Huff. But watching somebody's mid-life crisis week after week may not have been appealing to a lot of viewers. I can't blame Showtime, which marketed the heck out Huff -- not to mention The Brotherhood, the excellent Irish Mafia series that just ended a three-month run with nary a viewer in sight. We could be headed for real disaster here -- Les Moonves, the CBS boss who recently wound up in control of Showtime as well in a corporate shuffle, has been grumbling that Showtime's programming is aimed at TV critics rather than viewers. That could mean Showtime will shortly become the all-CSI-all-the-time-network.


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