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Mailbag: "Lost," the Parcheesi of television

The readers write:

I have enjoyed the TV program The Closer with Kyra Sedwick this summer. Is she coming back anytime soon?


Alameda, Calfornia

Coming back, yes; soon, no. TNT has picked up a third season of The Closer, but it won't air until sometime next summer.

Have you seen the website www.LOSTisaGame.com? This dude claims that Lost is actually a game, it's pretty convincing


Tampa. FL

Well, I'd say "interesting'' rather than convincing. It would be sort of amusing if in the final scene of the final episode, the camera pulled back and you find, say, God and the Devil, or even just Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie, hunched over a gameboard filled with little Kate and Sawyer and Jack playing pieces. And clearly the show has gotten too weird for anything resembling a conventional ending. Really -- there's been a whole second island sitting there all along and nobody's ever noticed it before?

But the idea that it's all a game is just one of several theories of overarching metaphysical causation in Lost. Some fans think the survivors have died and are stuck in a Biblical purgatory; others that the whole thing is a stray plot line from Jules Verne's novel The Mysterious Island; or even that's it's a behavioral experiment conducted by Rambaldi, the mad and possibly mythical genius of Alias, another ABC show produced by Lost guru J.J. Abrams. If it's really Rambaldi, Sawyer and Kate are really up Fecal Matter Creek without a paddle, because Alias has been canceled.

I love reading you in The Miami Herald. It's refreshing to have someone on the "right side," as in winners. I love The George Lopez Show and can only take so much of these reality condiments. You stated earlier it would be back in the fall lineup. Please tell my children and I how long (like month/year) we have to wait for the new season. Thanks.
and keep up the good work.

Rosa StClaire

          Miami, Florida

Unfortunately, Rose, that's still up in the air. ABC can't make up its mind about any of its comedies, including three new ones -- Notes From The Underbelly, Big Day and The Knights Of Prosperity -- that have all yet to air. It's certain that The George Lopez Show will be back -- ABC has ordered 18 episodes from Warner Brothers, and the studio is in full production. But when they'll actually make their way onto TV remains a mystery. The show was originally scheduled to come back in November, but now the rumor is it might not be until January. And ABC is mum.

What happened to the most recent winner of The Next Food Network Star competition, Guy Fieri? He seems to have vanished after a scant few weeks of his series Guy's Big
, and a special called, Gotta Get It, about food-related gadgets and appliances.


Hollywood, FL

Thirteen new episodes of Guy's Big Bite will beging airing on the Food Network in January. But if you can't wait, Jeff, you could always visit his restaurant, Johnny Garlic's California Pasta Grill, in Santa Rosa, Calif. Personally, the onion rings at Burger King are good enough for me.

What impact does the invention of television have upon society?


Detroit, Michigan

Mostly that people ask too damn many questions about Guy Fieri.


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