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Turns out there is a show that apparently values older viewers, and it may surprise you: American Idol. The list of celebrity guest coaches for the rest of the season, announced Thursday night, includes some serious ghosts of pop charts past, including Lulu, who hasn't had a hit record in 25 years, and Peter Noone, the lead vocalist of Herman's Hermits, who hasn't had one in 40 years.

Lulu It's great to see Fox ignoring television's Iron Law of Demographics, which states that history began in 1994. And it may produce some interesting television, too. Some of the guest coaches, like Tony Bennett, Diana Ross and Barry Gibb, even if their heyday was long ago (in Bennett's case, long-long-long ago) have recorded albums recently and will probably be familiar to the twenty-something American Idol contestants. But how many of them have ever heard Lulu's To Sir With Love or Noone's signature Hermits hit, Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter? I anticipate some confused looks when they walk out (or perhaps roll out in wheelchairs) in a few weeks.


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