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Lauren Graham shares her anguish

Degeneresandgraham The cancellation of Gilmore Girls has not exactly left star Lauren Graham drowning in her own tears. "It was a conversation that was going on for a long time it’s not a surprise," she said on a segment of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that airs Tuesday. "I think it’s a really a good thing...It's the best thing for the show and I feel really good about it." Good enough, in fact, to hammer back a mojito during the taping. You can see it being delivered on that little radio-controlled truck at the bottom left of the photo: DeGeneres is apparently replacing her production assistants with robots, who don't demand lunch breaks or offer unsolicited observations that Holly Fulger was the really cute one on These Friends Of Mine.


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Noële Filius

In reporting the news about the cancellation TV Guide said: “Multiple sources confirm that WB recently made one final offer to LG and AB that included sizeable salary bumps for both in exchange for a shortened 13-episode season”. Based on that claim the responsibility for the ending of the show falls solely on the shoulders and the conscience of these two actresses. Now Ms Graham is going to make the talk show round telling everyone how sad she is for that state of affairs and how thankful she is to the fans that she once called “those crazy Internet people”. The fact that I liked, admired and cheered on Ms Graham throughout the run of the show makes it all the more a bitter pill to swallow. Some people are anxious for these interviews to find out what happened. Over the years I have witnessed some of Ms Graham’s interviews enough to know that they will yield nothing but trivia (not to say drivel) and won’t shed a light on what really happened. By choice (and that is not a reproach) Ms Graham is a closed book. So let’s cut the hypocrisy. Her “giddy’ interviews are meaningless. Her favorite subject is to go on and on about her relationship with her dad. If fans (i.e. crazy Internet people) and others want to know what really happened they will have to look elsewhere, at independent third parties as was the case with whatever crappy excuses Amy S-P gave for bailing out. The truth lies between what these people and the Studio/Network tell us and we will probably never know it. I have far more admiration and respect for people like Scott Patterson who have always been very discreet, did their job and have been grateful for the chance that was given to them through that show. Ms Graham and her cohort Ms Bledel for whatever selfish reason have short-changed the people who gave them their notoriety. The message from the majority of the viewers was clear. All we wanted was a shortened Season 8 to make up for the disastrous and ludicrous storyline monopolizing a large part of Season 7 to explore a Lorelai / Christopher relationship that nobody cared about or at least so few, hence the drop in ratings. Hello Ms Graham, get out of your bubble and face the truth. The lesson: better be with the minority because at least you are assured satisfaction and as to the use of this word to qualify the end of Season 7 I will say quite vulgarly “my ass”. I hope these two dames have more leisure time than they ever wished for and I wish Ms Graham far worse co-stars to interact with or kiss on screen than Mr. Scott Patterson. Since she likes David Sutcliffe so much maybe she can start a “Lorelai and Christopher show or hour” produced by her own company under the penmanship of Amy S-P to the delight of the Lor/Chris fans everywhere and see how far that will run! Totally disgusted. Not watching the last two episodes. No longer care about Ms Graham and her "career". Bitter? You bet!


I agree 100% with Noële Filius. I used to love and respect Ms. Graham but through the years I realized what a hypocritical celebrity she really is. Her interviews are always the same rehearsed stuff just to appear as super cool and adorable woman...right. She loves spotlight and how everybody says "oh she's so witty and chatty". I wish she could just shut up and stop acting like a 2 year-old about everything. She didn't care when fans were devastated because of the seventh season of GG. All she could do was joke about it and say we just had to endure it because they can't please everyone (why to please crazy Internet loons, right?) and how we should care about the "family aspect" of the show as if Lorelai's relationship with Luke wasn't part of a family dynamic. It was obvioys that she hated that Luke&Lorelai got so much attention since she never liked working with Scott Patterson. We all saw she couldn't even sit though an interview with him without making annoyed faces.
Yeah, 2 years later I'm still bitter.She couldn't even thank all loyal people who kept watching a crappy show just for the joy of watching her act and with a promise for things to get better. I guess a 13 episodes season as a way to thank us was really a lot to ask. And now she wants to forget everything about the show that gave her success. That's why she loves to say a Gilmore movie will never happen: "just let it go guys!"
Screw Lauren Graham. I'll just ignore her the way she ignored all Gilmore Girls fans.


Jesus Christ this is funny! Why would you be mad at these women? They did a show for 7 years and have had enough. How dare these women decide what is best for their career or what makes them happy!? Many people around the world don't last 7 years in a job - or at least wished that they could find another job. And these women are told what they should and should not say in regards to why the show ended. If every show continued just because the fans want it to, no show would ever end - every show has fans. I think you're selfish and very immature - i do hope you are a teenager - an adult isn't this unreasonable - teens are selfish. Lauren doesn't need to discuss her private life - if she wishes to be a "closed book", then she is entitled to that right - would you go on tv for the world to see and discuss your private life? I don't think so. "Crazy internet people" - it's called having a sense of humor. I had another good point which i can't remember now. But i think i've said enough anyway.

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