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Colmes unbound

The voice is familiar, but the face . . . well, it isn't there. WINZ radio (940 AM) has added Alan Colmes, Colmes the beleaguered resident liberal among Fox News commentators, to its late-night lineup. His nationally syndicated call-in show airs from midnight to 3 a.m.

Don't expect to mistake the radio show for Fox News' Hannity & Colmes, though. ‘‘Hannity's not there, for one thing," Colmes says. "And I take phone calls, which we never do on TV." Not to mention the guests. Sure, you'll still hear interviews with people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain. But then there's also the guy who was selling helmets to protect against possible space-alien death rays.

"That's probably not the kind of thing you'd see on Hannity & Colmes," Colmes said, diplomatically refraining from what must have been a terrible temptation to make a joke about Bill O'Reilly. "You can explore areas that, well, go with the time of night a little more."


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