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Except Carmela will be played by Amy Grant and Tony by Donny Osmond

Sopranosfamily It occurs to me that you cheapskates who don't have HBO must wonder what all the fascination with The Sopranos is. Well, don't worry; it'll be coming soon to a broadcast TV station near you.

PS: My pal Kim Sartori at CBS Paramount demands she get a shout-out as the one who passed this item along to me. Silly me. I assumed she wouldn't want her bosses to know that she spends all day eating chocolates and browsing YouTube at her desk.   


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Richard Cossio

It ended just like Bobby and Tony said sitting by the lake wondering if you ever know when its coming. Remember what Tony said “I wonder if you ever hear the one the gets you”. T

The blackout was the end of Tony as we were watching it through his eyes.

Brilliant work by David Chase.

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