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For what shall it profit a man if he gains a big long limo ride...

Vincent Curatolo, who played John Sack in The Sopranos, appeared in Hillary Clinton's hilarious political ad spoofing the series finale, the only cast member to do so. So what was it? Her position on Iraq? Her let's-get-tough-with-Big-Pharma stance? Well...

Sopranosjohnsack "I got a phone call the evening before, Saturday evening, from one of our directors on The Sopranos, Allen Coulter, who said that a friend of his, a director, was doing something for the Hillary campaign, and they wanted one of The Sopranos stars," Curatolo said on Neil Cavuto's Fox News show Wednesday. "I said, well, you know what? Have them send a big, long car tomorrow morning, and we will go. I'm in northern New Jersey."

Curatolo, by the way, is the only Sopranos star I'm aware of to go on record saying he didn't like the show's end. "I was a little let down," he told Cavuto. "I wanted a little more closure. I think I would've had Carmela and -- and Tony say something to each other that they have never said to each other all these seasons... I would love for her to have said: 'You know what? Come with me. We're going to move to the mountains. We're done with all this, no more SUVs, no more big house. I love you. You love me."'  Jeez, what a wussy. No wonder David Chase had him die in a prison bed instead of getting whacked in some really cool way like Phil Leotardo.



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