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Of Fidel Castro and briefcases full of money

Like the guys inside the Alamo, NBC executives in a last desperate bid for Nielsen survival have retreated into their final stronghold: South Florida. Shamelessly pandering to us on Tuesday, the network starts with Matt Lauer broadcasting live from Havana on Today from 7 to 10 a.m. Hey, maybe that old man in the jogging suit will stop by with a nice welcome present like a dissident's ear.

Then, at 8 p.m., one of the contestants on Deal Or No Deal is Miamian Arthur Joseph, who when he's not gallivanting with all those TV stars is a vacation planner with Carnival Cruise Lines. Of course, he's likely to find Deal Or No Deal downright tepid compared to life in South Florida, where taking the wrong briefcase gets you a couple of 9 mm slugs in the head.


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I've seen that episode. I guess he'd rather take the briefcases and spend good holidays with his girls.

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