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Name it again, Sam

ABC's new Christina Applegate sitcom, which won't air for another four or five months, is already on its third title. When ABC announced it had picked up the show, it was called Sam I Am. Earlier this month the title was changed to Samantha Be Good. Now the network has renamed it Samantha Who? That ties ABC's previous record for stupid screwing-around with a show's title, set last year with Let's Rob Mick Jagger/Let's Rob.../The Knights Of Prosperity. C'mon guys, with just a little push, you should be able to come up with a fourth title. How about Son of Sam?

By the way, I've seen the show's pilot, and it's a good one. After being hit by a car, Applegate awakes from a coma with amnesia. Trying to put the pieces of her life back together, she learns she was such a bitch that almost everyone who knows her assumes that the hit-and-run driver who hit her was trying to kill her. Which is pretty much what I assume about the ABC executives who keep changing the show's title.


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Andrew @ MALL727.net

"Samantha Who?" sounds like a good name - but while ABC is playing the name game, why not just call it "Sam" and be done with it!
-Andrew @ MALL727.net-

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