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The lost episode of 'Polos Opuestos' airs

That episode of the public-affairs talk show Polos Opuestos (Opposite Poles) that Miami station WSBS-SBS 22 shelved last month after the participants blew their stacks (and, in one case, stormed off the set) has finally aired. Lexington Institute Cuba watcher Philip Peters reports that the on-air squabble between Frank Calzon and Joe Garcia was not only good television, but good policy analysis.


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Joe García is such a low life! I know, and I can't go into that here, that he has been talking privately w. Cuban officials and at least one Cuban agent. The guy is an attention whore and the only thing he wants is to be in the first line of the Cuban government good graces for the moment when everything opens up there and he is able to invest freely and preferentially. He is disgusting, and people who know him well have always been critical of his lack of honesty, backstabbing and total lack of principles, politically and personally.

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