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She who must not be mentioned

People_oprah_winfrey_nyet16_3 BET this fall will debut a new animated sketch-comedy called BUFU, in which anchors and reporters at a mythical and really crummy TV station needle celebrities and popular culture. Written by comedian Orlando Jones and Everybody Loves Chris executive producer Ali Leroi goes after everybody from Tyra Banks (who rents out advertising space on her giant forehead) to Barack Obama (whose campaign is sabotaged when his hand puppet Bam, a kind of alter ego, starts spewing sleazy remarks) to Bryant Gumbel ("Is he street enough?"). One celebrity who goes unscathed is Oprah Winfrey because, admits Leroi, "we are afraid of Oprah."

"Why are you afraid of Oprah?" wondered a critic.

"Say nothing," hissed Jones to Leroi.


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