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'½ Hour News Hour' gets 30 minutes shorter

Looks like ½ Hour News Hour, the Fox News experiment in satire, isn't going to be with us much longer. The network announced Tuesday that the show will wrap after its Sept. 16 episode, though there's some vague talk about "retooling" that might bring it back later. I'm guessing that means "subtracting salaries from" -- the show's ratings are decent by cable standards, but it's pretty expensive compared to the marginal costs of filling up that half-hour with news from reporters who are already in place.


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What could be expensive? the canned laugh track? This was one of the worst political shows ever, and just because it leaned right. Sadly they pandered to the lowest common denominator resulting in right wing fart jokes.


PS I meant to say NOT just because it leaned right. Opps.


Patrick, you are forgetting the highly topical and fresh jokes about Ed Begley Jr. Apparently he rides to the Tonight Show on a car powered by veggie oil!



And Glenn Garvin was the only critic I can find that gave it an even somewhat positive review.

and here he is almost calling for them to keep it, using words like VAGUE TALK- no that's not talk, its laughter at how poorly concepted this thing was...

and Mr Garvin, when did Fox get reporters?


You must not have looked very hard, Patrick. Tom Shales of the Washington Post -- who probably last voted Republican when Abraham Lincoln was running for reelection -- gave the show a review I would call "somewhat positive." See for yourself: http://hotair.com/archives/2007/02/18/shock-wapos-shales-says-half-hour-news-hour-isnt-terrible/

This may come as a shock to you, but not everybody voted for John Kerry, and not everybody thinks it's wet-you-pants-and-fall-on-the-floor funny when somebody like Kathy Griffin says "George Bush sucks!" even though it inevitably gets a big laugh and a standing ovation from her West L.A. audiences. If you didn't like "The Half-Hour News Hour," that's OK, but don't assume the entire world agrees with you.

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