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ESPN schedules a documentary about Miami Hurricane football -- and hold your breath...

Miamifb ESPN has ordered a documentary on the University of Miami's football program. But don't expect a rah-rah booster flick. It's being produced by Alfred Spelman and Billy Corbin, whose last documentary was Cocaine Cowboys, a searing recollection of the 1980s when narcotrafficker corpses piled up so fast that Dade County had to rent refrigerated trailers to handle the morgue overflow. (Spelman and Corbin have produced a sequel about narcoqueen Griselda Blanco -- Cocaine Cowboys II: Hustlin' With The Godmother -- that's scheduled for DVD release this month.)

The UM documentary will air as part of a series called 30 for 30 -- 30 films covering sports events of the past 30 years, commemorating ESPN's 30th anniversary in 2009. No air date has been set. But ESPN's announcement of the acquisition noted pointedly: "No program’s style has been more of a lightning rod for simultaneous excellence and controversy than the University of Miami."


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I have MAJOR apprehensions about this. Pounding on the U has become part of the national past time. So this can't be anything good. The Washington State Cougars have had 25 arrests in 18 months. But has there been any calls to end the program? No. Any stupid comments about WSU is an institution that's outta control? No. Any reference to incidences from 20 years ago? NO! Why? Because blasting WSU ain't sexy. But let a current or former Cane get a parking ticket??? It's front page news. As a long time Cane supporter I got problems with this.


Actually, I think it will be good. Both guys are UM alumni and huge cane fans. The documentary will be done very fair but of course will have to talk about the troubled past.


scUM and cocaine- will Warren Sapp or Dennis Erickson be featured?

Cane in NC

I for one enjoyed the Coacaine Cowboys doc! These guys better do a good job with this as well. Like the first guy, i'm tired of the UM bashing but thats what comes with 5 NC's!! HAHAHHAHAA!!!

Criminoles and Gayturds can only dream about 5 titles in football!! I think they have 3, maybe 4, combined!!


two of the more recent NFL players suspended for over a year for conduct violations:

pacman jones and chris henry

both are west virginia players


This is guaranteed to be a negative representation of the program. That said, I think this is going to help recruiting....kids love 'street cred' and all the type of noise.


spgna: There you go again with that gaytor crap. You are such a moron.

Newsflash, idiot: Teddy Dupay a GAYTOR, just got indicted for RAPE. That is R-A-P-E.
When was the last time a Cane athlete was involved in anything this serious? Yet, other schools are constantly in the news.

You know what, it's cool being the team everyone hates. It instills fear and mystique. They should be afraid.

The reason why the ESPN Titletown doesnt feature the city of Miami? I don't see it.

I mean do 2 superbowls, 5 football national championships, 4 baseball national champonships, 2 world series, and one NBA championship count? Palo Alto? ha ha ha ha ha. gainesvile? ha ha ha ha ha ha. Gainseville is nothing but a little hick town without the gaytors.


I hope UM is taking this documentary serious ..... this is going to be shown to the whole country to show how the U is falln and the character of the school in recent years.. I hope MIAMI goes undefeated this year to get those haters and jackasses of their back..... GO CANES


Jose Can-snitch-o

I hope Erickson is portrayed poorly. That guy is indeed scum.

Big Canes Fan


ESPN sucks.

Are we really not included in the Titletown feature? I dont even watch ESPN unless I have to. I figured we'd be top five in the Titletown series.

If these guys doing the documentary are indeed Canes alumni and fans it should be all right. The worst thing Miami has ever done was the pell grant crap and we paid for that. The other programs that have issues like that always get off with a warning.


If Dupay is guilty of what he is accused of, they should lock him away forever. Do you really believe anyone condones that? Are you that stupid?
Dupay graduated UF in 2000. (You were like twelve then?) What does that have to do with UF now?
Sapp tested positive for cocaine twice, but was allowed to play by that scumbag Erickson. Lack of institutional control. scUM paid dearly for that- NCAA probation.
Do you remember Erickson being found passed out drunk in the parking lot at Duffy's? Fine example for the players. Now he is poisoning the program in Arizona. Slimeball.


First - the documentary will be fine. It will be somewhat balanced and as evidenced by the mass signings of Northwestern HS playas this past Feb, many many are drinking the Kool-Ade. So a documentary that shows the drugs and murders will continue to "attract" that kind of "playa" to UM. As long as they are fast and good athletes, who cares?
Second - please, let's be honest about our 5 NC in FB. We earned maybe one. Never in the history of sport has a team been given home field advantage and played for a Title. Also, never in the history of sport has a team been able to play the 5th or 6th best team from inferior slower conference (see Nebraska in the 1980's and early 90's). If UM would have truly played the Title games on a neutral field and against the 2nd or 3rd best team, they maybe have 1 NC.
Lets go thru them one by one and you will see that I am correct.
Here is the first one.
Nebraska in the OB for 1983. How many really believe that Miami would have won that game on a neutral field, oh say in Sugar Bowl or Cotton Bowl? Also, if Tom Osborne had any smarts, he would have simply kicked the extra point and the game ends in a tie. So what then? Nebraska was ranked #1, Miami #5. So what then?

How about the last NC miami played a #10 type team in Nebraska in Rose Bowl. That Nebraska coach got fired. That Nebraska team had just gotten whipped by Colorado in Big 12 Champ game by a score like 62-21. Give me a break

How about playing in the OB for the other Titles against the slower/less athletic Big 12 - Oklahoma and Neb? Home Field advantage for a title? What a joke!!!

After all those beatings, Tom Osborne and the Big 12 (Bob Stoops at OK)did finally close the gap on the speed and athleticism.

Do you realize what happens to Miami when they play real teams and away from OB for Titles - see Tennessee, Penn St and Ohio State.

Will someone be honest about this? Anyone honest out there?

Toe Jam and Earl

How can you criticize the 2001 national championship team? They played in California in with Nebraska having the most fans. Oh yea, that might be the most talented team in NCAA history.

Also saying that the BIG 12 was subpar is ridiculous, the 94 Nebraska team is also one of the best of all time. If we start condoning NC's becasue of unfair biased, wouldn't we have to take out USC's for playing in the Rose Bowl. Did Miami get some luck winning championships, undoubtedly, but you would be hard pressed to find a champion that didn't have luck along the way.


Wow, Davey = biased idiot and certainly not a real Cane fan.

How about the titles that LSU won in the Sugar Bowl or in Atlanta?

Miami can't beat "real teams"...whatever dumbass.


Nice try Davey. At least be man enough to rep your real team.


This documentary will be the biggest HATCHET JOB since Lizzie Damned Borden. NOTHING good can come of this. WHERE are Dr. Shalala, the new AD, and the BOT on this? WHY is it being ALLOWED?

If this documentary is anything like what ALL OF US KNOW it will be, God help us all!

Just say a big emphatic "NO" to this damned travesty! And threaten to sue! If this project goes forward, the university has seen my last alumni dollar and every "U" alum should feel the same way I do!

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