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Ding-ding-ding! We have a winner -- the new season's first cancellation

Do Not Disturb, Fox's dismally unlaughable workplace sitcom about a boutique hotel, looks like it has checked out early. After three weeks of steadily ratings decline, Fox has yanked the episode scheduled Donotdisturb for next week and replaced it with a rerun of 'Til Death, which itself doesn't exactly have M*A*S*H-like ratings. When stuff like that happens this early in the season -- especially at Fox, which is weirdly reluctant to announce cancellations -- it usually means the missing show won't return. For instance, we're still waiting to hear what happened to Fox's country-music reality show Nashville, which went missing after two episodes last season and has yet to be heard from. Perhaps someday explorers will find Nashville, Do Not Disturb, Pasadena, The Grubbs and The Ortegas, all snatched from the Fox lineup without even a muffled cry for help (the last two, in fact, before they even aired a single episode) wandering around in some forgotten jungle, like those Japanese soldiers from World War II who used to occasionally pop up in the Philippines.


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