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The digital TV conversion arrives, and hardly anyone notices

Digitalconverter The analog-to-digital TV conversion that happens across the United States took place Monday on an experimental basis in Wilmington, N.C. The industry journal TV Newsday reports there were a number of problems with the digital converter boxes. Expect a lot of shrieking from idiots in Congress who specialize in crisis creation. But the most significant thing to emerge from the Wilmington experiment, as far as I'm concerned, is that there are 180,000 homes with television in the city and only a couple of hundred complained -- a minuscule percentage. The vast majority of people probably didn't even know the conversion took place because it doesn't affect anybody gets television through a cable or satellite system. The constant anguish from politicians, Luddite media activists and -- to be honest -- newspapers over this change is the phoniest scare story since Y2K.


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That's Wilmington, North Carolina.

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