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Hey, you guys opposing the sale of WTVJ -- come out of your time machine

WtvjI haven't thought of them in years, those bedrag-gled, starving Japanese soldiers who -- when I was growing up in the early 1960s -- were periodically discovered in jungle caves on remote Pacific islands, unaware that World War II had been over for decades.

But reading the petitions and complaints filed in the past month with the FCC by opponents of the proposed sale of WTVJ-NBC 6, that's exactly what they remind me of: feeble old souls still fighting a war that, for everybody else, ended years ago.

They don't seem to realize that the old three-channel television universe was swept away by cable and satellite. They don't seem to realize that television stations increasingly compete against not one another but the Internet. They don't seem to realize that South Florida is now populated not just by people named Smith and Jones but García and López -- or that the Garcias and Lopezes aren't refugees who just washed ashore on inner tubes, but bilingual Americans who've been living here three generations. Read my full commentary on why the opponents of the WTVJ sale probably like to churn their own butter, read by candlelight and treat cancer with leeches.


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Bill Nelson

After reading your article, as a statisticion I am having a difficult time accepting that the government may approve this transaction based primarily upon the Spanish language viewing of just 67% of only 41% of the market that identifies itself as Hispanic. Are they all watching the same station? Must be if the viewing from that fraction of Hispanics in Miami drops channel 6 out of the top four. Makes no sense that 59% of the non-Hispanics in Miami that primarily do not speak Spanish will lose one of its tv stations in this fashion. What you should ask Scarborough is how much Spanish language television the 59% non-Hispanic audience watches. This is NOT an anti Hispanic viewpoint. There are 2 primary languages here and both need to be served ... but not everyone floats between the two. As such how can you lump them all viewing together? Not a logical nor fair conclusion.
This is not about a time machine. This is about the here and now. I say do the math and use your common sense. So far, based upon what I read, none of this adds up.

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