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The digital switch: not gonna happen

Remember that Feb. 17 date for the switchover from analog television service to digital? Looks like you can forget about it. Barack Obama's transition team wrote to congressional leaders Thursday asking for (read: demanding) a postponement on the grounds that Americans need to be "educated" about the switch. All they really need to understand is that the switch won't affect them: 90 percent of U.S. households get their television via cable or satellite, which come pre-equipped with converters. Most of the rest watch little or no TV. But Congress has always been adept at creating crises where none exist, so count on the delay being enacted...maybe for months, more likely for years. During that time, television stations will continue to waste money and electricity running dual transmitters. Remember that the next time you hear anybody in the Obama administration or its congressional allies start spouting rhetoric about the need for green technology.


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Chantelle L.

I hope the digital switch does occur. Besides it being a step into the future in a technological way, it is something that is only fair. For years many citizens have been paying for cable even if it is just for the basic channels. However, for those that have continued using antenna's on their television sets, they have been receiving those same channels for free. It is another way to help everyone become somewhat equal in the life that is paying bills.


NOT EDUCATED?! The amount of commericals about it are annoying enough. Maybe the 90 yr old with the rabbit ears isn't educated cause she's too old to hear her TV! Sigh.

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