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Those Super Bowl ads weren't the only thing that bored Miami

Is it possible the Dolphins have ruined NFL football for South Florida? Though Sunday's game was the second-most-watched of all time, with 147 million people tuning in at some point during the telecast, we sure didn't pay attention the way the rest of the country did. While the game was on 65 percent of the television sets around America, only 59 percent of the Miami/Fort Lauderdale market tuned in. While we're the 16th biggest TV market, we only ranked 43rd in Super Bowl viewers. (Not surprisingly, Pittsburgh and Phoenix had the highest percentage of TV sets tuned into the game, about 70.)  UPDATE: On Tuesday, after tinkering with the numbers some more, Nielsen announced there were actually 151.6 million viewers tuned into the game at some point, making Sunday's Super Bowl the all-time champ.

Danicapatrick In other discouraging Super Bowl news, the Nielsen folks have determined that the most-watched ad was Go Daddy's smarmy commercial in which Danica Patrick talks about her enhanced...Internet service. The company promptly issued a triumphant press release bragging that "critics across the board pan Go Daddy's risque Super Bowl Ads, but don't look for the Web hosting company to change its tactics anytime soon." Whew, I was worried there for a minute. What would I write about next year?

Oh, yeah, one more thing. Several Swedish readers have written in to say that Skillnaden ar drinkability, the tagline in one of Sunday's Bud Light ads, means "The difference is drinkability" rather than "Great drinkability" as I reported in an earlier item on this blog. To which I say, what are you guys doing watching American football, anyway? Wasn't the Lidingoloppet on?


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