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'Sue Thomas F.B. Eye' makes a comeback

We're used to cult network shows being resurrected by cable, but this one's still a little surprising: Sue Suethomas Thomas F.B. Eye is returning on Animal Planet -- and if the reruns draw a big enough audience, Animal Planet may commission some new episodes. Sue Thomas, based on the true story of a deaf FBI fingerprint technician whose lip-reading ability won her a job on the bureau's elite surveillance team, was a gushy but engagingaffecting series that had four quietly successful seasons on the Pax broadcast network from 2002 through 2007. Deaf actress Deanne Bray was engaging as Sue, but the real star of the show might have been Levi, her hearing-ear dog. Their affectionate if sometimes misadventurous relationship was undoubtedly the reason Animal Planet was interested. See for yourself starting with the two-hour premiere episode at 8 p.m. on April 6, 9 p.m. on Mondays after that.


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I'd like to post a comment about this police officer who cannot smell. Kick them off the force.
Because he can't smell; I don't see why they would kick the force. He was about there for seven years. More or less. You read about his ads. There's a lot on it. Me myself cannot smell since I was five years of age. I am now 45 years of age, my mother said I hit my head on something.
And I'm still here today, maybe it's a little bit like the deaf they cannot hear, and we cannot smell, I learned to use my eyes, my feel, and my touch, over the years. Like for instance, I can see fire I can see smoke, I can see them all if it's available, I see gas on the driveway, drunk crossing the street, and things like that. I can hear cooking on the stove. But for smells. I cannot do.


We really enjoyed this show when it was on prime time and disappointed when they cut it short. Would love to see it come back. At least then when we are surfing 100+ channels there would be something worthwhile to watch!


I am so excited that Sue Thomas FBI is back on tv!! I love that show so much! I hope they do commision new episodes- as long as they bring back the original cast!


Thanks for bringing Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye back! I was so sad when they cut it short. Finally something worthwhile to watch! I do hope Animal Planet commissions new episodes, as long as they bring back the original cast.


I hope that Animal Plant will run the entire serious of Sue Thomas,F.B.Eye. This show can help children who are deaf learn that anything is possible if you just believe in yourself and try everything. Thank you for bringing Sue Thomas back.

Diane Friske

I am so excited that Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye is back. I looked forward to that show every week when it was on and am looking forward to watching it again. I would love to see new episodes. I hope it is successful.

Christy Pina

I am so excited that Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye is back,
I am a big fan of the show.I am looking forward to watching the show every week. I would really love to see new episodes. I hope it is suceessful.

Jo Asby

Wish much success with bringing Sue Thomas back. Great show and many will look forward to seeing it again or for the first time. Now if we could get a listing for Animal Channel in our local paper to keep up with programs.
Jo Asby


I really hope they bring it back, with new episodes and all. Of course the original cast would have to come back too. Especially Lucy, Jack and Bobby. Sue is a given. I like D as well but I wouldn't be as sad if he or Myles were replaced. I REALLY want it back on the air for real!!


no sex or bad language...thanks for such a family friendly show!!!


I was channel surfing and found the first two episodes of Sue Thomas. YES!!!! And tonights show. I hope it is back to stay!!


I really pray they bring sue Thomas back. it 's a great good clean show but if there going to bring it back they're going to have to have all the original cast members. they should get sue and Jack to Mary and work together as a couple before they cut it again!

Walter Zimmerman, Jr.

I am really glad Sue Thomas, F B Eye was returned even if in rerun episodes, by Animal Planet. After a hectic weekend in our home it was nice to sit down on a Sunday evening and watch a wholesome show. Having it on Monday evenings gives us something to look forward to after the first day of work each week.
The writing of the show as well as the actors are all superb...Here's hoping Animal Planet continues to air the reruns and I hope it's not too much to ask that perhaps new epiosodes could be produced in the future. We turn to Animal Planet to see show that are decent and informative. Keep up the good work!!


where'd it go???? It was on two weeks straight and not on this week??!?! I'm gonna be very sad if they gave it a go and only gave it two weeks trial. Why isn't it on tongiht?!


I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! They should put on new episodes, but with the same cast. I think Sue and Jack should get married, even if it means them not being on the same force. I hope they can get married and stay on the same force. PLEASE GIVE US NEW EPISODES!!!!!!!! ME AND ALL MY FRIENDS LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!

Anna A.

Yeah, looks like Animal Planet pulled it... Shame. Apparently you can find some of the episodes on Veoh.


I loved Sue Thomas from the first time i saw it. I was heart broken when i found out the stop the series. If it comes back I know I'll be watching it every time it's on. Bring back Sue and Jack!

P.S. Didn't mean to rhyme on the last one!

Christy Pina

What happened to Sue Thomas FBI? I will be sad if the show is off the air. Please!!!! bring the show back. I really love this show.

Nanci Dunlap

Please tell me Sue Thomas didn't get pulled again!! Finally a show I could watch with my kids. They are asking where is SUE?


Would you at least explain what happen with Sue Thomas F B Eye.


I wrote Animal Planet and here was the reply:

Dear Viewer:

Thank you for contacting Animal Planet and for taking the time to share
your thoughts and concerns about Sue Thomas, F.B. Eye. Animal Planet was
happy to bring this wonderful series back to television. Unfortunately, it
did not find a large enough audience to continue airing the series.

Comments such as these are taken very seriously. Each and every comment is
forwarded on to our programming executives for review and consideration.
It is comments like yours that contribute to creating change and improving
our programming.

Again, thank you for contacting Animal Planet.

Viewer Relations
Animal Planet

Needless to say, I was very disappointed and surprised that they only gave it 2 weeks. Sad too, they have so few shows worth watching really and many are redundant. If you want to write them, they say they listen:


What did the empty suits at Animal Planet expect putting it on opposite a 'cult show' like "24'.Of course most of these people have no idea what good television is.



http://suethomas.fw.hu :)


I just happen to be flipping chanels and saw Sue Thomas show on, I was so excited. I taped the next show but then couldn't find it after that! Give the show a chance, bring it back please.


I am on this sight trying to find out where the show Sue Thomas went, that was one of my favorite shows. Clean and fun Please give it another chance and bring it back for a few weeks to let people know it's back on in reruns.

Liz Dewar

I have continued to look for the Sue Thomas show and am so disappointed not to find it. Please consider giving it another chance. Most of us would not have found it on an animal station so it is the browsing that brings the viewers and that takes longer. But it was a great show.

H. E.


Ditto to most of what everyone else has said. If you aren't going to bring back a nice, clean show, tell us where we can find it.

I WANT SUE THOMAS FB EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Original cast.

Pat Chelton

I loved this show when it was on. I saw Deanne Bray recently at a premiere for "Universal Signs" a movie done in sign language with captioning for us hearing folk. She and husband Troy Kotsur were in it as well and Antony Dinatale (Mr Holland's Opus). Troy and Deanne have a little girl now (not sure if she is deaf or not) who looks to be about 3 years old or so. I enjoyed trying to understand the sign language on the show. It was on and off Animal Planet before I knew it was on. Darn. I got all excited for nothing! I hope they reconsider and try it again in a different time slot, maybe on the weekend. If it doesn't have death and destruction, it doesn't sell, apparently.




I want more sue thomas!! I loved the show and hated when it stopped playing


Sue Thomas can be seen on the Gospel Music Station channel 117, carried by SkyAngel.
This show has something for the entire family. Levi for the kids, romance for the women and drama for the men. This is a great family friendly show.
The entire cast is great. I think we can all relate to someone in the "office".
Sue Thomas is on DVD being offered on SkyAngel.


Our whole family loves Sue Thomas and all the cast too. We watch it every night.


i love this show i watch it over and over again and laugh at the same places and cry at the same places. i watch the reruns again and again and never tire of them. i would love to see the whole cast come back in some new shows of the series. great family show without all the garbage you see on tv now days.

Elometer Thomas

I am in love with the Sue Thomas show and I have watched every episodes ever since I discovered it two years ago. I hope the show will make a very successful comeback. Sue Thomas story is very much like my own. I hope they put on new episodes with the same cast. Deanne Bray is a very talented actress. I have just published my own story in book entitled: A Journey Beyond Silence.

Posted by: Ellie. March 05, 2010


I cast my vote to make more Sue Thomas episodes


I want the show back on. I watch the show over and over again. Why there are no new shows I can't understand it. It's the best series of shows I have ever seen.

You have to bring it back.


i agre that you should bring sue and jack back and get them to mary and work as a couple they should do a episode when they all find a couple and get sue and jack to kiss and mary and bobby and tara together and myle's and lucy should get together too.and D and his wife.when we watch the film and it finsh's we can allways see the cemicstreys between them.p.s plssssssssssssssssssss bring them back x

Catherine & Charles Snyder

Sue Thomas, FBI should be brought back. Our family enjoyed and would like to see more. I know we have watched each show at least 2 times. Time to make more series.


Well it hasn't been said for awhile I really wish Animal Planet would make new shows for this series, obviously with the original cast or as close as they could get it. This was an exciting, fun, and heartfelt show to watch. The cast did an amazing job!

Please give us more!!

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