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After CNN turned off the cameras

Cnn Covering last week's anti-tax "tea party" in Chicago, CNN's Susan Roesgen shouted down the single demonstrator she "interviewed." A guerrilla video outfit that calls itself FoundingBloggers arrived just after Roesgen's on-camera tantrum and taped a conversation that, I think, tells us a lot about why "mainstream media" has become an epithet to many Americans.


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I couldn't watch this for some reason. Were there a lot of those fun-loving secessionist neo-nazis at this particular rally as there seemed to be at so many of the others?

Geoff B

That CNN interview was an insult to journalists. Since when are journalists supposed to shout down people they are interviewing? Perhaps in Nazi Germany, but certainly not here.


Of course, no comment at all about Fox News lying about the number of people at one of the events they covered. No comment about Fox desperately trying to focus shots so they didn't include the people waving 'Obama/Hitler' comparison signs.

And finally, no comment on how Fox News, despite hosting a number of these events, despite talking about them for weeks before hand, despite basically giving free advertising for the events, still stuck to the line that these were 'grass roots' events, showing how America wasn't going to stand for it any longer.

A reminder. When anti war demonstrators had a million people in DC, the Bush Admin said this was a fringe element. When the Teabaggers manage under half that across the entire country, this is now a grass roots surge?


Maybe Ms. Roesgen should study the approach of more moderate progressive hosts, like MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, who would not stand and berate uninformed conservative cranks at the top of their lungs...but attempt to interview them quietly in a studio divorced from the angry rhetoric of the moral minority. That's why she lost her job...no tact.

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