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Guns on campus? How about FREE SPEECH on campus?

It's not exactly television, but...

Guns Media snicker of the day: those crazy gun nuts, worried that the government is out to snatch their constitutional rights along with their AK-47s. 60 Minutes is the latest to have a chuckle, playing a commercial for a Washington, D.C.-area firearms show that that urges viewers to ``Celebrate the Second Amendment and get your guns while you still can!''

My own hunch is that the sheer number of Americans who own guns (the low estimate is something over 40 million) will keep their Second Amendment rights off the endangered-species list for the foreseeable future. Their First Amendment rights, however, may be another matter. Those are taking a beating these days, right in the place that's supposed to be America's rowdiest free-speech zone: college campuses.

A student who speaks up about the right to own or carry a gun stands a good chance of getting suspended or even arrested. Read my full op-ed piece on how Baby Boomer college administrators impose their political values on their students in Tuesday's Miami Herald.


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Geoff B

Glenn, good column. Somebody's got to stand up for the Constitution, and school administrators appear incapable of doing it these days.

airsoft guns

Love the comparison! I am wondering when it will come to paintball guns and airsoft guns when the need to control those is coming. Any thoughts? or is that too far fetched?

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