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Screen Gems: television the week of April 12

Grey Gardens (8 p.m. Saturday, HBO) -- Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange star as Little Edie and Big Greygardens Edie Bouvier, eccentric society icons (they were related to Jacqueline Kennedy) who gradually pulled up bridges until they lived in hermit-like isolation in a crumbling 28-room mansion in East Hampton.

World's Funniest Commercials (8 p.m. Sunday, TBS) -- Oh, don't turn up your nose. You know you're gonna watch.

Confessions of a Superhero (9 p.m. Monday, Sundance) -- One answer to the oft-asked question, ''What's going to happen to Lindsey Lohan?'' this documentary focuses on some of show business' oddest celebrities -- four would-be stars who wander Hollywood Boulevard in superhero costumes, signing autographs and posing for photos with tourists.

The Cougar (10 p.m. Wednesday, TV Land) -- An alternate answer to the Lindsay Lohan question, this reality show features a bunch of 20ish men competing for the creaky sexual favors of a 40ish woman, the entire cast being willing to do anything to get on television.

Let me program your TiVo! Just click on my best bets for the week at www.tivo.com/guruguides.


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