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Why God invented TV, or at least, the History Channel

I was sitting at the counter in a Denny's in Phoenix, Arizona yesterday, drinking coffee and reading a book, The Candy Bombers: The Untold Story of the Berlin Airlift and America's Finest Hour.  It was late afternoon, Hitler there weren't many customers, and a couple of waitresses came over to chat. One of them was particularly interested in my book.

"They just run tons of documentaries about Adolf Hitler on the History Channel, so I'm always watching them," she confided. "Last night there was one about how at the end of the war, they were trying to catch him, but nobody could find him. But even though Hitler stayed hidden, he made everybody else go out and fight, right up to the end, these pathetic old men and poor little boys. And thousands and thousands of them got killed in like the last week, just because Hitler wouldn't give up and say he'd lost." 

She paused, contemplatively, then offered her bottom-line analysis: "That Hitler was just a [BLEEP]hole."


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And, if it weren't for Hitler's odd strategy of recording his speechrants and having the tapes aired on other broadcast outlets across Germany, American singer and radio entertainer Bing Crosby wouldn't have known to send two engineers immediately after the fall of Hitler to bring a pair of these odd machines out of the country to the states to be studied and, pardon the pun, duplicated here in a workable form. Crosby was looking for a labor-saving method of recording his radio variety show in the late 1940's so he didn't have to produce another live one for the West Coast after doing one for the East Coast of the United States(without the obvious hiss of cutting an acetate recording), and he could get to the golf course at a decent hour the next morning.

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