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Twitter on television

When Rick Sanchez last fall began integrating the social-networking site Twitter into his afternoon CNN show, most people thought it was a weird novelty from a network trying desperately to preserve its ratings against a charging MSNBC. Now Sanchez is the most recognizable face during CNN's daylight hours, Twittertv and Twitter is everywhere -- every anchor and reporter in television news (and even the poor peasant TV critics who write about them) uses it to chat up readers and viewers.

Now, however, the beast is loose from its cage. Twitter is about to launch a takeover of television. The Twitter braintrust isn't calling it that, of course. The've merely announced that they're teaming with Reveille Productions (Ugly Betty, The Office) and Brillstein Entertainment (The Sopranos) to develop an reality competition show in which fans try to find hidden celebrities. (Because, you know, people like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears sometimes are out from under our gaze for entire quarters of an hour and what's up with that?) But mark my words -- this time next year, we'll all be speaking in 140-character bursts, and sentences like this one will be things of the p


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Bryan in Miami

I can't stand twitter. Twitter is facebook without all the stuff I like about facebook.

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