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Ding-dong, the digital witch is dead

Digscan The big digital TV switch is over -- and, like Y2K, there wasn't anything to it. The FCC's nationwide consumer hotline on the switch got 317,000 calls Friday, 145,000  Saturday and 48,000 Sunday. In a nation with 115 million television households, that's nothing. The majority were resolved simply by telling the caller to hit the "scan" button on his TV again -- because different stations made the switch at different times, the first scan didn't always pick them all up.

Of course, some were unusual. My favorite was reported by the trade journal TV Newsday: WWL, the CBS affiliate in New Orleans, got a call from a viewer who was somehow picking up the channel 75 miles north of Toronto, Canada. I wonder if WWL advertisers are going to be charged extra?


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