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'Glee' is the new TV season's best show

It's a minor but telling moment in Glee, Fox's exuberant, subversive look at high school: As a kid chats with Glee a guidance counselor, the camera offers a quick glimpse of pamphlets on the desk -- Divorce: Why Your Parents Stopped Loving You and I Can't Stop Touching Myself.

Literally every glorious frame of Glee is packed with jokes, from sitcom wisecracks (suburban princess to beleaguered husband: ``We can't live in a used house! They're not clean!'') to multimedia double entendres (members of the Chastity Club doing a lewd bump-and-grind as they sing I Say A Little Prayer) to the eternal black humor of the social have-not (nerd's fading cry as the football team stuffs him in a dumpster: ``Someday you'll all work for me!'')

Cynical, sweet and inestimably funny, Glee -- which debuted with a single sneak-preview episode last spring, but joins Fox's regular weekly lineup for the first time Wednesday -- is by far the best show of the fall TV season that began rolling out this week. Read my full review in Wednesday's Miami Herald.


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