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Dan Rather speaks out on Fox News

Most of Dan Rather's $70 million lawsuit against CBS may have been thrown out by a New York appellateRatherfox  court this week, but he still thinks the network is running scared. In an interview to be broadcast Thursday on Neil Cavuto's 4 p.m. show on Fox News and his 6 p.m. Fox Business Network show, Rather says the loud public demand from CBS lawyers that theremaining counts of his suit be dopped "tells me how afraid they are that we may succeed in the Court of Appeals.”

"It's one and one," Rather told Cavuto, comparing the case to a sporting event. "We won in the lower
court, the trial court. The case was proceeding toward a trial. They one in the appellate court. And the way the system works, we go right now to the New York Court of Appeals, if they'll take the case. I'm hopeful that they will and I think they will.”

Despite the huge damages Rather is seeking for being forced off the CBS Evening News anchor desk in the wake of a scandal over his report on President George W. Bush's Vietnam-era National Guard service, the newscaster says the case isn't about money.

“I am determined, because I believe so strongly the public needs to understand that this effort by large corporations and partisan political people to manipulate the news and people who cover the news is not the American way," Rather said. "Again, whether you're conservative or liberal, big corporations are in bed with big government to influence the news that Americans hear, and that shouldn't be.”

And if people choose to judge his whole career by this case, Rather added, so be it. “Does it concern me? Do I wish it were otherwise? Of course," he said. "But you are what your record is -- Kennedy assassination, Vietnam War, Watergate, interviews with Saddam Hussein, being first to broadcast the story of Abu GhraibI haven't been perfect. Nobody is. But I have a long career.  And I think most people -- you said some people look upon you just by this one incident. I think most people know what the record is. I think they recognize that I'm all news, all the time, tall power, full power, want to break in when news breaks out. I'm a throwback American journalist.”


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