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NBC renews 'Parks & Rec,' 'Mercy' and 'Community'

Nbc NBC has picked up full seasons of sitcoms Parks & Recreation and Community, as well as drama Mercy, says the Hollywood Reporter. Notably absent from the list: the loud and incomprehensible medical drama Trauma. So maybe there's still hope NBC will sell its time slot to K-tel Records for an informercial.


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trauma just wasn't well done...poorly acted...inaccurate...the way cpr was given first episode was ridiculously wrong..and the helicopter pilot was too ver the top acting wise.

i wanted to like it..watched it for 15 minutes (first episode), changed channel and deleted series recording.


All of you EMS people are taking this too seriously. This is just a TV show for entertainment.
Don’t cancel this show because these people have had their feelings hurt.
All they have to do is change the channel.
The majority of the people need to decide on their own as to whether they like “Trauma” or not. Let us make up our own minds.
We are smart enough to do that. We don’t need you to tell us what we like.
Learning more about the characters will help the show a lot.
I happen to like the show “Trauma” a lot because of the action, and the emotions involved. The actors are working very hard and doing a very good job. Each new episode gives more information about its people.
So let’s give them a chance to evolve into the great show they are supposed to be.
The people of San Francisco should be glade that “Trauma” is making some money for their Great City.

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