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'Three Rivers': Standard operating procedure

You know it's late in the fall TV season when a network can't keep its genre cliches straight. CBS' Three Threerivers Rivers, fall's final new show, has an irascible surgeon snapping at a hospital bureaucrat: ``Never get between a doctor and his donut!'' I haven't checked, but I'll bet over on CSI: Miami, Horatio Caine is brooding about the cost of malpractice insurance and the promiscuity of ER nurses.

I suppose a certain amount of formula leakage is inevitable at CBS, where shows aren't written so much as manufactured from an inventory of stock plots and characters, and the debut of anything without the initials CSI at the start of the title qualifies as startling originality.

And as assembly-line products go, Three Rivers isn't half bad. Set in a Pittsburgh hospital that specializes in organ transplants, it manages to blend some new elements into the standard medical-drama mix. Read my full review in Sunday's Miami Herald.


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