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Rick Sanchez identifies his killer on NPR

Sancheznpr When CNN's Rick Sanchez went over to the NPR studios to tape an episode of the quiz show Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me, the other panelists had just one question: Why does Anderson Cooper want to kill you, Rick? Here's an audio clip of his reply. I hear that later, some of the panelists needled him about CNN's ratings, but he gave back just as good as he got. Airtime for the show varies from market to market, but in the Miami area it runs on WLRN-FM (91.3) at 11 a.m. on Saturday.


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Sean Hickey

We should be so lucky as to have someone kill Rick Sanchez, he's a sensationalist and rumour monger, who blows everything out of porportion.


I totally agree. He sensationalizes everything...I guess to make his show appear more important than it is. I especially remember him yelling (don't even remember topic) once HEY, DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THIS?? at the top of his lungs. Wish they would put somebody else on at 3.

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