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Univision opens a studio in Miami

After years of importing heaving bosoms and quivering pecs from Latin America, Spanish-language Elclon television giant Univision has found another source: Miami. The company is opening a studio in Miami to start producing its own telenovelas.

Univisión Studios will produce not only the soap operas that are the staple of Spanish-language TV, but reality shows, variety programs, American-style dramas and even short shows tailored for cellphones and the Internet, said network boss César Conde, who announced the move Monday.

``This is a big step forward, not just for Univisión but for the Spanish-language TV industry as a whole,'' Conde said. ``It's big for Spanish-language writers and producers and actors and actresses.''

Univisión's competitors, however, scoffed at the idea that the network is breaking new ground. ``They're acting like they just heard of original content,'' said Don Browne, president of Miami-based rival Telemundo, which has been producing novelas in Miami since 2003. ``They came to the party kind of late.'' Read my full story on Univision's new studio in Tuesday's Miami Herald.


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Sorry dude but they do not import anything from south america. All their shows are mexican, which is part of North America; their shows are geared exclusively to the mexican audience living in the USA.

Telemundo does import shows from most countries reason why slowly but shortly it is eroding mexivision lock on the spanish tv viewership.

alarm wiki

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A friend of mine just emailed me one of your articles from a while back. I read that one a few more.

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