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Oliver Stone: Fair play for Hitler and Stalin!

Hitlerstalin Finally, poor misunderstood Adolf Hitler and Joe Stalin are going to get a fair break on television. Their makeover will come from -- who else? -- Oliver Stone, who's producing a 10-part series titled Secret History Of America to air on Showtime later this year. The Hollywood Reporter says that Stone told a group of TV critics on Saturday that "These people have been vilified pretty thoroughly by history." I know. Kill a few million Jews and people just think they can say anything about you. But Stone says his show will put Stalin and Hitler "in context." After which, maybe, he'll do series putting cancer, rabid pit bulls and Charles Manson in context, too.  


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Vicki Arkoff

Don't forget John Wayne Gacy and Jeff Dahmer and The Wendy Williams Show.

tiger tim

DON'T be taken in by the latest Hitler 'revisionism' controversy
---its BOGUS.

FACT IS son of Wall Street, former Yalie
Oliver Stone is reading from the same
denial strategy playbook as our BOGUS
'America Firster' and full-time RED China
biz-nihilist apologist Pat Buchanan.

FACT IS it isn't about the LONG dead Hitler
at all --but rather about the ongoing taming
and domestication of another more awesomely
genocidal icon ---ACROSS the Pacific.

And BTW are we the ONLY ones catching
that GENUINE veteran Oliver Stone is
once again obediently 'overlooking' ANY
mention, let alone study, of the staggeringly
significant, urgently relevant 60th Anniversary of the KOREAN WAR ---this year?


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