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Screen Gems: TV the week of January 31

Lost (9 p.m. Tuesday, ABC) -- When last we checked in with the plucky survivors of the desert-island crash Lost of Oceanic Air flight 815, they were trying to detonate a hydrogen bomb to send the Earth careening six years backward in time. And they must have succeeded, because there's Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. Oops . . . wait a second. . . .

Kell on Earth (10 p.m. Monday, Bravo) -- A reality show about a fashion publicist. Bravo chose it over a reality show about a guy who shovels poop on a Peruvian llama farm. This is less a critic's pick than a critic's warning.

The Michael Vick Project (10 p.m. Tuesday, BET) -- A reality show about a serial dog torturer. BET chose it over a reality show about a guy who shovels -- oh, wait, I already used that line. Listen, you think this job is easy?

30 Rock (9:30 p.m. Thursday, NBC) -- If you've missed Jan Hooks, whose acid humor dripped from Saturday Night Live in the 1980s, here's your chance to see her again: as the estranged mom of Jane Krakowski's soullessly ambitious character on this subversive workplace sitcom.

Let me program your TiVo! Just click on my best bets for the week at www.tivo.com/guruguide.


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