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'Lost' finale flopped in the ratings

Lostfinale After all the nauseating puffery about how Lost changed the face of American television and turned into a phenomenon that transcended mere TV, after weeks and weeks of bloviating promotion, Sunday night's finale drew 13 million viewers -- significantly less than the 18.6 million who watched the first episode in 2004, less even than the 16 million the show averaged during its inaugural season. The way ABC is spinning the finale ratings -- that it was the most-watched Lost episode in two years -- is less a mark of distinction than an acid commentary on how far the show declined during its two final season.A lot of critics are panning the finale, but I salute it heartily -- the rotting carcass of a once-terrific show has finally been interred.  


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I found The Answer of what Lost was all about:

Lost was the story of a magical world where anything could happen for any reason, with or without explaination.

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