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Screen Gems: TV the week of May 23

Lost (7 p.m. Sunday, ABC) -- After six seasons of murders, kidnappings, smoke monsters, infanticides, Lost2 time travel, reanimated corpses, random polar-bear sightings, boring alternate universes, narrative cul-de-sacs and obscure 1960s records, the story of the desert-island survivors of an airline crash lurches to a windy 2 ½-hour conclusion. But the final scene is an absolute killer, when Amelia Earhart's plane touches down on the island airstrip and -- oops, guess I should have said ``spoiler alert,'' huh?

24 (8 p.m. Monday, Fox) -- After eight seasons of murders, kidnappings, nuclear explosions, pre-programmed disposable cellphones (has Jack Bauer ever dialed more than one digit?), presidential assassinations, bear traps, biohazards and listening to Chloe whine, the story of the counterterrorist bad boy lurches to a windy two-hour conclusion. But the final scene is an absolute killer, when Jack boards Oceanic 815 and -- dammit, I've got to remember that ``spoiler alert'' thingie.

Saving Africa's Witch Children (8 p.m. Wednesday, HBO2) -- When misfortune strikes in rural Africa, the victims often accuse children of using supernatural powers to cause it. A horrifying documentary about superstition and its consequences.

Escape From Havana: An American Story (9 p.m. Thursday, CNBC) -- As Fidel Castro tightened his grip on Cuba between 1960 and 1962, more than 14,000 children were airlifted off the island to the United States in what became known as Operation Pedro Pan. CNBC tells the story through profiles of half a dozen grown-up Pedro Pan kids, including Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado and South Florida businessman Carlos Saladrigas.

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