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'The Godfather' like you've never seen it

Godfather If you listen to morning fools Paul and Young Ron on WBGG-FM 105.9, you may have noticed the esteem in which they hold The Godfather. In fact, you could hardly fail to notice it since they won't ever shut up about it. I've fully expected to tune in some morning to hear them screening it on the air, notwithstanding that it's a radio show.

Now, however, they're doing the next best thing. Or maybe the better thing? Whichever it is, Paul and Young Ron are hosting an airing of The Godfather at 7 p.m. Saturday on WBFS-MyNetwork 33. They'll offer insights and introductions to key scenes with their own vignettes and even offer some trivia quizzes. What they won't show, I bet, is the shot of Michael Corleone's first wife topless in the tub on their wedding night. But, what do I know? I didn't expect to see Janet Jackson's nipple on TV at the Super Bowl, either. Tune in and find out.


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I've seen the Godfather a thousand times....there's no bath tub scene with Michaels's first wife as far as I know.

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