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'Covert Affairs': The spy who bored me

Though it may be hard to believe after a decade of lethal and costly intelligence botch-ups running from the Covert Sept. 11 attacks to the war in Iraq, but the CIA could be in worse shape. Just watch USA's new spy drama Covert Affairs if you don't believe me.

As a hellish vision of what might happen if U.S. intelligence were seized by, say, the cast of 90210, Covert Affairs is an incisive public-policy commentary. As a TV drama, it is in serious need of a hard slapping. Instead of the cynical burn-outs of John le Carre or the weary patriots of Robert Littell or even the entertaining blunderers of Get Smart!, it features a parade of self-smitten spies too young, too pretty, too chatty and too smirky even to be engaging, much less less credible. Read my full review of Covert Affairs in Tuesday's Miami Herald.


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