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Mailbag: Soccer hooligans

Mailbag The readers write:

I enjoyed your column on soccer "evangelism'' as I call it.  Why in the name of Johnny Unitas, Bart Starr, etc. must some people feel that religious urge to foist soccer on a largely indifferent public? Is it better that football? Do more classy people watch it, like the yobs who riot routinely at soccer matches? Are we inferior to the Euro trash that look down their noses at American football?  I think it's snob appeal and part of the trend of our "betters'' to denigrate anything American and worship anything from abroad. They are wasting their time. At age 64 I ain't about to start watching a sport where nothing happens except guys in shorts running around chasing a ball.

Gary Beauchamp

Laplace, La.


Screw those guy who wrote letters on soccer that the paper printed today. I'm with your sports colleague, (Greg Cote?) who said watching soccer is like watching paint dry. I've got to look at soccer because my grandson is a strong player and I need to be able to talk with him.

It seems to me that after millions of years of evolution we have developed hands with opposing thumbs and it's stupid not to use them. It's like having opera with music and only pantomime, no voices.

Arnold Mercado


Then an aired on WLRN, the Herald's public-radio broadcast partner. Tough audience over there:

Whenever I hear an egregious grammar mistake on NPR, I send a message as I believe NPR should be the standard of grammar excellency in broadcasting. You’re the latest offender. It’s “fewer viewers,” not “less viewers,” as you said in your piece today on the World Cup.

John Virtue

Director, International Media Center

Florida International University


That's hardly the worst of it, John. I'm afraid poor Dana Davis Rehm might have inadvertently heard the piece and put her ear drums out with sharpened chopsticks in despair.

Poor Diane.







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I am actually more perplexed by people who do NOT like soccer and feel the urge to spend an inordinate amount of time going ON AND ON AND ON about how much they hate it and how boring it is. And then they go out and watch a baseball game...or, even more odd, GOLF. Personally I do not spend any time at all worrying about sports I hate.

There is some strange, sports-talk-radio-addict FEAR of soccer. If you don't like something; don't watch it. Just, for the love of all that is holy, stop whining about it already.

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